Lyndsey Hatchwell

Painter, sculptor, print maker and Eco Artist.

Sculpture - Rabbits 

'Moral Ambiguity' Sculptural Installation at Eden Gardens 'Eden Unearthed' 2017 Most Rabbits SOLD or Donated to Porsche's Animal Rescue.

'Turquoise Mutant Ninja Bunny'

Metal banding and pop rivets.


'Mini Mutant Ninja Bunny' Wire and screw construction.

'Twisted Bunny' Wire and  vinylacetate homopolymer.

'Ginormous Mutant Ninja Bunny' Metal banding, pop rivets, expandable foam, hessian, papier mache, paint.

Turquoise Flying Rabbit
Metal banding, pop rivets, turquoise paint.

Hessian Bunny

Hessian, Wire & Acrylic polymer

Bronze Bunny

Vintage Bronze Metallic Wire