Lyndsey Hatchwell

Painter, sculptor, print maker and Eco Artist.

'Moral Ambiguity' sculpture installation 'Eden Unearthed' 2017

A snapshot of my latest rabbit sculpture installed at Eden Gardens Macquarie Park NSW. The launch evening is 31st August 2017 at 4.30 pm. Get tickets here. General opening 1st September 2017 for 6 months.

The humble rabbit is my vehicle to shine a light on man’s moral ambiguity. Why are some animal’s food and some not? Why is it ok to eat ‘X’ animal in this country but not in another? Why are some pets, pests and food at the same time? Who decides and why is it accepted?

Vintage PVC Coated Wire Mesh (Limited Resource)

"Study in Grey" 

This little beauty has gone to its new home in Canberra. Am sure it will look fabulous wherever it is hung. Thanks Bluethumb :)

A still life study in soft greys. This work is a look at how everyday objects can be beautiful in their own right. With textural brush strokes, paint scratched back and movement in each stroke this artwork has an intensity that belies its static subject matter. Oil on stretched canvas.

July 2017

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Well our time at Nepean is over, but happily many of us sold a work or two! (June 2017).

My "Dragonfly Flirtation" artwork found a new home and I hope they get many years of pleasure from it.

Oh dear, I have had quite some hiatus! There have been one or two exhibitions since my last post, but I have sold a house, bought a house, moved, built an art studio out the back in our fabulously treed backyard and am now unpacking the last of the goodies we had in storage for over the last year or so (don't ask!). So here is a little exhibition that I am part of out at Nepean Hospital. It is on currently (today it's 25/05/2017) and runs for a while. So if you're out that way, do pop in and have a look at our eclectic exhibition.

Ginormous Mutant Ninja Bunny can be seen at the Royal Easter Show 2015 here in Sydney. Follow the link to see the "the creation of". Look out for my toilet roll "Surfin Spidy" painting, dry point etching of Milson's Point 1890's, limestone sculpture "Chamaera" and "Mini Mutant Ninja Bunny" a solid wire sculpture.

 "Drawing on Memory" (drawings of Holocaust survivor Harry Fransman's memories) was on view at Parliament House in December 2014. Here is a link to Harry's latest 
 (1/12/2014) There are new drawings added since the last exhibition at the Sydney Jewish Museum.
Please go to the "artworks" page for more images.


The judging of "Art on Loftus" for 2014 went well. I really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful creativity they had on display. Opening night was fun and I think my choices were well received.

"Ned Turns a Corner" lurked at  "Sculptures in the Vineyard" (Wollombi) and has now just returned to suburban Sydney where he has the neighbourhood on alert.

My donated artwork "Sam's Early Morn" etching, aquatint print sold at the 2014 Refugee Ball. Great cause :)

"Reimagining the Familiar" was a joint exhibition of works by Lyndsey and the very talented Bethany Tucker.

Held at the Watch House 179 Darling Street Balmain in October 2014. Very enjoyable exhibition and space.

Another successful exhibition has been had at Westmead Hospital Temporary Exhibition Space (Sept - Oct 2014). Lots of sales and great comments from people enjoying the artworks on display.

Pop Goes The Easel. Has finished at Parramatta and we will now take a well earned break!


Drawing on Memory has finished it's run at the Sydney Jewish Museum.At the opening in Parliament House the Sydney Jewish Museum has suggested this should be a travelling exhibition, will keep you posted.

Channel Sevens Sunrise Weekend intervied Harry in regards to the exhibition click here to view. (29/06/2014) 

 Just went to the launch of "Drawing On Memory" at the Sydney Jewish Museum (22/6/2014). The exhibition looks amazing and Harry's story in art has come together beautifully. Well worth a visit. I have been working on this exhibition along with Bob McPhillips and Joanne Morris.For The Telegraph's 19/16/2014  article on Harry's exhibition click here! The artwork in the background is by Joanne Morris.

  Harry Fransman with one of the drawings depicting his memories of the Holocaust. Picture:


 My entry into the Westmead Art Prize that is now part of their permanent collection.

                 Turquoise Mutant Ninja Bunny has sold at the Hunters Hill Art Prize and is now lurking somewhere in the vicinity of Hunters Hill.


Got a lovely surprise on Tuesday night when I won 2nd prize in the Miniature Sculpture section and HC in the Printmaking section at the 2014 Royal Easter Show. 

 Yours truly and Rona Sissons (both very irreverent artists) had our ......

Not your average exhibition!


It went very well and made lots of people laugh and it was suggested many times that it should be a travelling exhibition! Food for thought.

Big thanks to Merryn Spencer Creative Broker Pop Up Parramatta for opening the event for us.

(11, 12 and 13th April 2014)

To see Rona's works click here.  

Bald Archy 2014 - my two works that traveled with the exhibition "Surprise" and "Suppository of Wisdom".

 here is a link to some media for the Bald Archy   with one of my works :)

  Westmead Temporary Art Exhibition Space was an enjoyable exhibition (Nov - Jan 2014) Lots of works sold and plenty of lovely comments :) 

 Here is the finished product after the patina, I am very happy with the result. "Don v Windmill".


Here is a pic of my first bronze...it is Don Quixote after attacking a windmill. He is in a bowl as I am attempting a homemade patina.


 Well the Kings Art Show went well and my work "Sydney Harbour Unplugged" has found itself a new home!


 Also found a fab comment on my Gina Minehard - Bald Archy work from this year's exhibition.....http://stephenrrandall.wordpress.com/tag/dame-edna/ 

Here is a pic of my artwork "Strange Fruit" a finalist in the 2013 Returned to Glory Exhibition.I am pleased to say it has been purchased by Hornsby Shire Council!


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I had 2 works selected for2013 Hunters Hill Art Prize. A sculpture entitled "My Carapace has no Face" and a Lithograph "Sydney Harbour Unplugged" For all the info click on the link  http://huntershillarts.com/


My entry into the Bald Archy 2013 got a bit of air time on the ABC....please click on the links below. She has also been sold and will go to her new home when the travelling exhibition finishes later this year.




Well I didn't win the 2012 Bald Archy....but the next best thing happened...."Mad Katter" has sold!! Very happy with that result :)





The other one is of Rupert Murdoch as a Bart Simpson character!! 

Below are links to past Bald Archies -



Sale of works.

If you find a painting you would like to buy in the gallery but it is not in the shop, please contact me and I will put it into the shop for you, or on eBay or can do a C.O.D if you are local. If you are wanting a print/card etc of a picture I can load it (image quality permitting) onto a print on demand site and you can purchase through there.