Bald Archy Paintings Bald Archy Paintings "Surprise" "........a government that says what it means, and means what it says, a government of no surprises....." Then up popped Christopher........ currently touring with 2014 Bald Archy Tony Abbott?s election speech September 7th 2013 190290736 "Honest, I am a Rhodes Scholar" ?No one, however smart, however well-educated, however well the suppository of all wisdom? Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia currently touring with 2014 Bald Archy 190290716 Gina Minehard - The Audacity of Mine Yep had to do Gina Rinehart......this has been "cooking" for over a year. So here is the blurb that goes with it.... (SOLD) Mine in the face of difficulty. Mine in the face of uncertainty. The Audacity of Mine!!! (apologies to President Obama & Shepard Fairey) 2013 174296269 "Mad Katter" Bob Katter QLD Polititian Here is my latest entry selected for this years Bald Archy (2012) I just had to paint this man, he is hilarious, absolutely out there but I do love a person who is passionate about what they do! Here's the blurb - There is a white haired bloke from Queensland For the Aussie Party he does stand His name is Bob Katter He?s as mad as a hatter And from singing he should be banned! SOLD 149423642 "The Original I didn't do it Boy" Rupert Murdoch Had to paint this one too - he has joined Bob in the 2012 Bald Archy and is now travelling around the country. What can I say about Mr Murdoch that the painting can't say itself!! Here is the accompanying blurb - I dont know... I didn't hear that.... I was not aware at the time... I forget... I do not know anything about that..... I just dont remember... I havent heard of that... I am not aware of.... I can?t answer... Just a few of the Bart - I didn't do it type comments from Rupert Murdoch during the phone hacking scandal hearing in the UK. (Sourced from The Guardian) 149423643 "Chesty Bondi" - Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown Well I had to didn't I....won't spell it out but here's the blurb that goes with it - In Bondi there is the coolest of vets, With Rusty and George as his loyal pets, Whether he's catching a wave, Or it's a creature to save, He's about as hot as it gets! Anyway...."Chesty" is on tour!!! Unfortunately "Pro' didn't make the cut...probably out of the news too long, but he was just asking to be painted and I will be very happy to have him on my wall. 2011 For sale $1000 115680949 "Chesty Bondi" Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown Close up see above. 115680948 "The Curious Case of Kerri - Anne Kennerley" There is a very curious trend these days. Celebs are looking younger in so many ways. Their teeth are straight and shine bright white. Their smiles are starched, not a wrinkle in sight. It's not something that is gender specific, but somehow they all end up looking terrific. So whatever you do, keep it up Kerri Anne. Then Eddie will stay your number one fan! This is my 2010 entry which has been selected and is currently touring Australia. Acrylic on stretched canvas 122cm x 91. For Sale 69849715 "Pro Where Hart Thou?" See close up. 115680950 "Pro Where Hart Thou?" Close Up I had to paint this prolific artist....and what better way than as one of his dragonflies (well they are a bit of an obsession of mine too). 2011 115680947 "Unsteady Eddy" Eddy Groves - ABC Learning & Entrepreneur. A Limerick The Government paid all the bills Flash Eddy controlled all the tills His mates got a cut Now they've all had to shut And the banks are looking like dills This was my entry that was selected in 2009 and travelled Australia for most of that year. Acrylic on stretched canvas 91cm x 61cm For sale. 2009 69849716 "The Four Horsemen of the Apoplexy" Leading the pack is Captain Howard on the "War", the only rider with reins. Costello is riding Famine (aka "Want"), damn fine ride for a treasurer. "Death" carries Ruddock - say no more and Downer is sneaking up the rear astride "Civil Strife". Their heads may appear a little large, but I won't state the obvious. With the Tampa looming large, Ruddock lurking & Work Choices at half mast I finished the other riders two days before the election. I feel I nailed their post election expressions! Acrylic on stretched canvas. For Sale. 2008 69849717