Not your average exhibition! POLITICALLY CORRECT FREE ZONE Not your average exhibition! POLITICALLY CORRECT FREE ZONE Turquoise Mutant Ninja Bunny Metal banding, pop rivets and paint. Lyndsey Hatchwell 191545653 Cell #3 Julia as the Red Queen, Kevin Rudd to her right, Bob Carr to the left (political heads on the ground) and Tony lurking in the corner. All Rona's wonderful ceramics. My Bob Katter grins on the wall. 191545654 Cell #3 "Poor" Maggie Thatcher (Rona Sissons work), hanging out shall we say between my "The Gospel According to St Kilda" and Eddie Groves ABC learning "entrepreneur" 191545655 Shadow Rabbit Hanging around in the cell blocks court yard. 191545656 Shadow Rabbit again. 191545657 Shadow Rabbit - Grey. 191545658 Aha Down the Abbott Hole Rona's flying rabbits and Tony Abbott's head in foam and latex, beyond which is Tony again going down the Abbott hole! 191545659 More Abbott Hole All of Rona's wonderful Abbott-isms 191545660 More Abbott Hole Tony and his "crew" The two photographs are of my current Bald Archy paintings that are travelling with the 2014 exhibition. All the rest are Rona's wonderful works. 191545661 Abbott Hole Hung Parliament - Rona Sissons and her flying Rabbits (oh and Suppository of Wisdom pic on the wall) 191545662 Shadow Rabbits 191545663 Shadow Rabbit 191545664 Shadow Rabbit 191545665 Shadow Rabbit 191545666 Rainbow Bunny PVC coated wire mesh bunny 191545667 The "Girls Room" 191545668 191545669 191545670 191545671 191545672 191545673 191545674 191545675 191545676