Landscape/Seascape Landscape/Seascape "Cushion Bush Dam" One of my all time favourite paintings as I adore the outback with all its extremes. It is an acrylic painting 122 x 91 cm. Was selected as a finalist in the Hills Grammar $8000 Acquisitive Art Prize 2008. 76466967 "NIght" Love this one...lots of impasto texture and the richness of layers and layers of oil paint. This work asks more questions than it answers and that's just the way I like it! 175002271 Ridge near Fowlers Gap This is a charcoal and pastel work on paper. I really enjoyed this work and am working on more pastel landscapes now. For Sale 175003975 "Driftwood" I love the shapes driftwood can appear in and this driftwood in particular causes many differing opinions on what it "is"! Acrylic on Large Canvas. For Sale. 76850157 The Olgas I This was a lovely 9 x 5 inch artwork in oils which was selected for the Hunters Hill Art Prize 2011. SOLD 175003211 "Sydneyscape" This is a commission work of Sydney and surrounds that I really enjoyed painting. Lots of little things hiding in nooks too like a redback spider etc. Not the best photo of it & will get a better one at some stage. SOLD 76550326 "Sydneyscape" Another commissioned work of Sydney and surrounds this time from West Pennant Hills to the city and Newport Beach.....look out for the Magpies supporter! SOLD 76854089 Ehden Lebanon This work was commissioned by a friend of mine who hales from that part of the world. It is Ehden of old and he was very pleased with the result. Oil on canvas board. SOLD 175003973 "Fraser Island High" Arial shots intrigue me so this was a must as it looks quite surreal - yet is real. It also seems to have a very female form to it. Oil on stretched canvas. For Sale. POA 76472438 Maji Matamu This is an aerial view of a stunning lake in Africa one of my favorite Continents to visit. Oil on Board. For Sale 175003970 Through the Trees This very much reminds me of my childhood spent in New Zealand (this is a spot in NZ) with rows of poplar trees and wonderful autumn colours. Framed Oil on canvas board. For Sale 175003976 "Fort Denison" 1930's An old black and white image that I had permission to use was the inspiration for this atmospheric artwork of Fort Denision (City of Sydney Archives). SOLD 96108410 "Fort Denison" 1930's SOLD 96112640 "Big Country" (MacDonnell Ranges) Don't you just love the mad country side of Australia....the colours of this often dry and inhospitable land are truly amazing. 121 x 91 cm Stretched Canvas Selected and hung in the "Blacktown Art Prize" 2009 This is a 2010 rework of my original 2009 painting. $2500 88501364 "Secluded Beach" Lovely uncluttered location. Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. SOLD 62826091 "Figtree House" Figtree House in Hunters Hill as it was many a year ago. Entered in the 9x5 competition at The Hunters Hill Art Prize 2010. SOLD 86955164